Lainey wrote about the Peltz-Beckhams making nice with the OG Beckhams and Brooklyn’s International Woman’s Day post features his sister and mom alongside his wife. 


Vanderpump Rules fans, how are we holding up? Remember to drink lots of water and sleep when you can. The latest drop is that both Tom Sandoval and Raquel released statements (it’s his second one) and in his, the past tense “my love for Ariana WAS stronger” (emphasis mine) sticks out and in her statement, she says she loves too much. She gave her statement exclusively to ETOnline (then posted it on Instagram), which is interesting because E! and Bravo are under the same corporate umbrella and so there’s a relationship there and I think she went rogue with her outlet choice. There’s almost always a pathway to redemption in reality TV but this feels beyond what the fans will accept, not because of the cheating (which is a staple of the show) but because of the friendship angle. It also doesn’t help that someone leaked Raquel’s entire PR strategy to DeuxMoi and she’s still following it. One final thing: Tom is reportedly threatening not to film. What a dummy. This is it, this is all he has left! If he doesn’t film, everything ends (for him) and the show goes on. So he can capitalize off it now while he still can or he can abandon his job, which Bravo won’t forget. 


I have no idea if the story of a UK man who won the lottery and blew it all on partying is true but it would make a great movie starring Colin Farrell. Cocaine Garbage Man. 


If you had to picture the team behind the Jessica Simpson Collection this would be it, right? Ten different types of Jessica. 


Tiger Woods and his girlfriend have broken up and there’s an interesting bit about her trying to nullify the NDA. Has Tiger been out Tiger-ing again? 

A trailer for a commercial? Movie stars are not fighting the good fight out there. 


Bennifer’s house hunt continues after they pulled out of escrow on a Pacific Palisades home. (I guess when you are spending $34.5 million you want to get it right.) It doesn’t seem like cold feet as they are already in escrow on another property (their lawyers have been busy). Maybe they were waiting for the Dunkin’ Donuts cheque to clear?