Busy Philipps has been posting Instagram stories as she lives her best life on a Disney Cruise; she said she’s used tons of data refreshing Deadline to see if her pilot, The Stackett Sisters has been picked up. It co-stars Casey Wilson and Bradley Whitford and was produced by the team behind 30 Rock (including Tina Fey). Judging by this photo I don’t think things went her way.


You figure it out. #ipaidforthis

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There is a fight happening over the patches at a jean jacket decorating party that has ensnared Lenny Letter, Tavi, Harper’s BAZAAR and The Wing (a New York-based social club for women) and it’s f-cking wild.

Have fun, take your time! Don’t feel like you need to rush back.

So many questions: what is this movie? When was it in theatres? Why didn’t Justin Timberlake endlessly brag about doing the music? And can we get Sarah to review it?

Joshua Malina’s dad was on a flight with Mel Gibson and they came up with a few questions for him. This would make a great parlour game. My question would be, “What separates regular tits from sugar tits?”

Is everyone caught up on Veep? I have to say I am still really enjoying it, even though real-life politics is so consuming right now. But Veep is funny. And I agree with Jonah that Daylight Saving Time sucks.

Whispers on deathbed, “But that wasn’t the theme.”


Celebrities share their favourite sex scenes and is it weird that Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig chose the same movie? I did watch the film they reference and I don’t remember the sex scene at all. Watch the clip and you’ll see what I mean.