There’s a few different ways celebrities couples can go “official” like Instagram or the red carpet. Shaun White and Nina Dobrev have been Instagram official for a long time, which maybe takes some of the punch from the red carpet debut. 


Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson released part of their wedding video. It looks like it was shot by a drone as an advert for a hotel or wine brand. 

While doing press for her new book, Ali Wentworth said she told Jennifer Lopez she would never make it when she was a Fly Girl. (She also told Charlize Theron it’s a hard business and she should do something else, before Charlize became a big star.) These are “Big mistake. Big. Huge!” moments for Ali so she turned them into self-effacing anecdotes. Not only are they both more famous than her (obviously) but now she needs their names to help her sell her book. I wonder of Jennifer or Charlize even remember working with her. (And since I used one of Julia’s iconic film quotes, here’s a photo of her pumping up her friend’s work.)


Barry season four is a go, obviously. I’m both watching the new season and I’m in the middle of a rewatch. Because there’s such a time gap between seasons, it’s easy to forget the details that tie into each other. If you are deep into season three, I’d highly recommend going back and restarting season one at the same time.

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid had a very clean break in late 2021 and since then, she hasn’t dated anyone publicly. One of the biggest pop stars in the world and there’s never a sniff about her personal life – maybe because she stays away from famous men? 


Dior’s men’s shows are a huge draw and this year the theme is Venice Beach and it happened in LA. Taiki Waiti, Finneas and Sehun were there, as were Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz in aggressively bad outfits that are sloppy and wrinkled. 

Love this Yellowjackets shoot in Vanity Fair, they all look incredible. I must confess something about this show though: I haven’t finished the first season because it scares me! It’s so stressful. 


Just a couple of himbos sunning themselves and talking hot wheels.