The Rihanna/Lupita movie might be happening, for real real?! And Ryan Phillippe wants to get scammed by them. Who wouldn’t.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Kate Moss almost got into a fight in Cannes and Mary J Blige had to step in and calm everyone down. When she said no more drama, she meant it.


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I talked about Ryan Adams just last week, I know, but he recently did a charity show for cats. It made me remember when Mandy Moore had to sue him for pet support because he left her with their 8 animals.

In this case I think the safest advice is do NOT walk towards the light.

Mr. T would be super easy to buy for. A gold chain, obviously.

As Lainey wrote about today, Katy fully explained the Taylor beef, which I think is a brilliant move. Taylor has tried to wrap her wounds in a fake kind of mystery and this takes away from that. But what both sides of the aisle can agree on is the liberal use of “bully” and “karma.” Remember how last week Ruby Rose tried to go for Katy, dissing her music and her branding transformation, then calling her a bully for writing a diss track? Everyone screamed back, “BAD BLOOD.” So she tried this.

“I wasn’t around”… and what if you were? You would have stopped it? The song is only 3 years old. She then switched gears and decided it would be better to imply Taylor is an underdog (!!!!!!) and that it’s a Good vs. Evil thing. They all have petty in common too, which is great for us. (PS: I looked up Ruby and Katy and found an interesting old tweet. Guess it wasn’t always about bullying.)