If you have ever watched Dateline, Investigation Discovery or those old A&E shows (American Justice or City Confidential) then you must watch this. “Something about that didn’t sit right with me.”

Jamie Foxx did an interview with Howard Stern, and he told a story about Oprah holding a sort of intervention for him at Quincy Jones’s house. Sidney Poitier was there in a tuxedo. He is very open about his “boutique parties. (Click here to listen.) It made me think about his strategy today with Katie Holmes; at this point, is the hiding going to be more effort than its worth? Because if they were hiding from media attention, that isn’t working anymore -- even PEOPLE is on it. When does this kind of attempt at privacy become counterintuitive?

Wreck Beach is a clothing-option, super chill beach in Vancouver – it’s very private (from what I remember, I haven’t been in years but don’t think much has changed). It also requires some work getting to and from the beach – about 500 stairs.

Yesterday I posted about Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Mischa Barton at a party in Cannes. The party was hosted by jewerly line de GRISOGONO and called “Love on the Rocks.” Rita Ora was there and in her photos, she used the #loveontherocks hashtag and also hashtagged her new single (working title “Honestly who gives a sh-t it’s Rita Ora"). Was the party hosted in her honour? I checked de GRISOGONO’s page and they have no photos of the 2006 brigade, but they do have several of Rita, which makes me think she was probably paid to attend. By promoting her own work via someone else’s party, is she making the most of her side job or is this just tacky?

Mary J Blige looks effing amazing.



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I highly recommend you click on the screenshots to see Mo’Nique respond to someone whose name I can’t be expected to know. “By the way I am fighting for young sisters like you who haven’t won an Academy Award.” I’m dead.

It’s OK to skip out on a James Cameron blockbuster. I’ve never seen Titanic.

How immature am I that I’ve laughed about this 3 times already?


Bumped into #ConanOBrien at the @artinstitutechi

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