It’s an horrific, awful day in the real world and social media is reflecting that. For links to community services pushing for change, please see Lainey’s opener from this morning.


One of many celebrity couples that couple stans get really weird about is Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus and every time I write about them, I receive a few emails that are nonsensical. Like I don’t understand what the issue is except that it is all blamed on her. Here they are on the Cannes red carpet and while I don’t usually love a red gown, this look is entirely suitable for the occasion. There’s a kind of very over-the-top grandness to it that suits Cannes. 

Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney is six months old and a bonafide chunky monkey, which of course is a compliment. Look at his little leg rolls! There’s been so much speculation about John and Olivia’s relationship but besides limiting the comments on posts, it really looks like these two are just parents figuring it out while cooing over their baby. After the initial surprise of them being together, it has not been as dramatic as the internet wanted it to be. 


Drake loves to fangirl and I appreciate that about him! He’s so happy about this.

A lot of people were asking about Lori Harvey’s fitness regimen and she told us: calorie restriction and sprint interval circuits (sometimes back-to-back Pilates and cardio). Some people were mad about it because they think it’s unsafe or unrealistic of her to promote this kind of workout. The thing is, this is how celebrities achieve these aspirational bodies and the denial of that is harmful, too. Lori works hard and it’s part of her job as an influencer, so what’s better: being honest about working out two times a day or someone who pretends they eat burgers and fries for every meal and has a six pack? The same can be said for someone like Lori who has a skin care line (SKN by LH) and an incredible complexion – is it just because she’s using the right products or is there other stuff (like laser treatments or facials) that she’s doing? Because she’s honest about her work, I would trust her to tell us what she really does more than a lot of other celebrities. 


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Why do Marvel fans think having a breakdown in Martin Scorsese’s Instagram comments is effective marketing for Morbius? 


Love Ariel Winter’s red hair and seeing it reminded me to post about Hunger, a TV pilot that Demi Lovato pulled out of (and was replaced by Ariel) that did not get picked up by NBC. Besides Ariel, who has spent the majority of her life on TV with Modern Family, the team included seasoned producers (Suzanne Miller, Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner) who’ve worked on Frasier and Will & Grace and have overall deals at Universal. The fact that they didn’t try to tweak it and just passed makes me think that it was not in good shape. But then again, TV is wild and even seasoned writer/stars like Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling have had shows that were passed on. I wonder if this team will shop Hunger around.