Loving all the Tina Turner tributes – an icon, a legend, a woman like no other!


We don’t want to jinx Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons but a red carpet appearance is a fair chance to stan for a few days.


If you think Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were scolding someone on a red carpet, you don’t know movie stars. As if they would do that on one of the biggest red carpets in the world. They aren’t Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. 

Will Lindsay Lohan debut her baby the modern way (on Instagram) or the traditional way (PEOPLE Magazine) or the A-list way (Vogue or Vanity Fair)? She has options. 


These photos! We are not ready for Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey. The internet is going to implode. 

Loving these shorts on Jennifer Lawrence – halfway between a culotte and a Bermuda short – look so good. I’ll be sourcing some for As Seen On next week. 


The Rock is writing a book, do you think it will be styled 7 Bucks or Seven Bucks because that is definitely the title. 

We are rich in television right now and I think the crossover of fans between Vanderpump Rules and Succession is significant. Taste is taste.


GQ has a new story on the Samba, which is the new Air Force 1. It started with the models like Bella Hadid and has moved onto the influencer and I am sorry to report that I have a pair and love them.