From running away from her on the street when they were married to divorced Instagram buddies! I looked up a 2011 New Yorker article from the dinner party she threw to launch “My Father’s Daughter” and the writer said he arrived “cranky” and a publicist warned people that he was not in the mood to talk. And you know what else the article reminded me of? Gwyneth used to be all about food – it was how she launched her lifestyle brand. That is now being overtaken by wellness and I wonder if she is naturally going where the clicks (and money) take her, or if it’s been a strategic move away from paella towards jade vagina eggs. There are a lot of food bloggers, celebrity chefs and popular home cooks – was the market too saturated for G?


Sometimes Mickey needs a drink #dancedad #showstoppers

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My sister is an Ed Sheeran fan – it’s embarrassing, I know. And she always says I’m “mean to him” here, so this I will say: I agree with his stance on ketchup (which he has been vocal about for years). I hate when restaurants make their own ketchup. Hipsters need to leave ketchup alone. I don’t even like “the other” brands of ketchup. The original, store-bought version is one that really can’t be improved upon.


No. No no no no no.

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Emmy Rossum was married over the weekend and this floral arch will live on in every wedding Pinterest board for the rest of time, understandably so. It is quite striking.


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I didn’t know that Hilary Duff and Lea Michele are in the same social circle – a quick search showed quite a few photos of the two hanging out. And Lea Michele is older than Hilary by a year. Did that surprise you? I was surprised, probably because I still associate Lea with Glee.


Girls night// 💋

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Drake jumps for joy with The Weeknd. I’m looking forward to the inevitable day these two fight over the affection of a woman in a public and very thirsty way.


That about sums it up...

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