So DeuxMoi has a post about Rachel Bilson and Garrett Hedlund’s Instagram activity (mainly her liking his posts a lot) and I’ve noticed it as well. Maybe they are new friends but Rachel is pretty open, even when she dated someone as private as Bill Hader. Chill is not for everyone. There could be something here.


Rebel Wilson hits a lot of red carpets – like, a lot. Loads of sponsorships too. She’s been working with Elizabeth Stewart, who is an A-list stylist. This is an investment in her career and I wonder what the end game looks like for her – more dramatic roles? Prestige TV? A sequel with IP? There’s definitely a plan. 


If you read about the Blue Jays player Anthony Bass liking homophobic content online may I remind you that this is the same dingleberry who tried to get a flight attendant in trouble because the flight attendant asked his wife to pick up popcorn their kids dropped on the ground. The story went viral because his sister-in-law, influencer and singer Jessie James Decker, blew it up. How long until he is embraced by conservative media? It’s already starting. (Also, I had my baseball-obsessed kids look at his player stats and they said his numbers are “trash” – the ultimate insult!)


Nurse Jackie and Weeds are both in the early stages of reboots, according to Deadline. This adds to Showtime’s The L Word and Dexter reboots and Billions spin-offs. On the one hand, this feels lazy but on the other hand, I really like Edie Falco and Mary-Louise Parker.


Adrien Brody and Georgina Chapman are still together (he doesn’t share her photo on Instagram but there are new vacation shots of them). Despite Anna Wintour’s best efforts, Marchesa hasn’t recovered. It was never groundbreaking design but it was popular by force. Many times, Harvey Weinstein would bully, berate and threaten women into those dresses. The bridal line and ready-to-wear Marchesa Notte still exists and I’m curious who its customer base is now. 


Elizabeth Holmes checked into the same prison as Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member Jen Shah and someone out there is writing a zany prison break comedy around this, I just know it.