There were a lot of exes at the Met Gala but one that I haven’t seen much about is Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. They were so, so together during the pandemic (to the point people were side-eyeing it) but the relationship hasn’t had any fandom fallout, right? Which is good for them. It’s very low drama for two famous people in their mid-twenties. 


Many celebrities have fronted clothing lines, but few celebrities actually own their own brands. In late March, Katy bought her shoe line because licensing conglomerate Global Brands Group filed for bankruptcy. Five years in, she had to decide between shutting it down or taking complete ownership (which means a big investment in her name). 


Neil Patrick Harris as a broken-hearted man getting his groove back? Yes, I’m into it. I want the nice apartment and vague career, the kooky best friend, the unexpected (but obvious) love interest – give me all the “second act” rom-com cliches. 

Adele’s birthdays are a big deal because it can line up with her albums: 19, 21, 35, 30. She’s 34 this year which, going by the pattern, means an album could come out in the next couple of years. Or she’s too busy working on her Vegas show, which is reportedly going ahead in a new venue.


What happens when the OG modelizer meets a budding modelizer (or as Lainey calls him, a love launcher)? Here’s a video of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jacob Elordi saying hello at a party and it seems like Leo is caught up on Euphoria. He’s watching it with all of us. Do you think he reads the tweets? I hope so, everyone should watch Euphoria while scrolling Twitter. 


Rebecca Romjin told her husband she ran into her ex John Stamos during an appearance together on The Talk. These two know good daytime TV because this is exactly the kind of anecdote that gets attention. It’s dishy but not something deeply scandalous. Rebecca has not run into John since their split 17 years ago, which seems wild as they work in the same industry. She did not say hello (he didn’t see her) because she felt her hair didn’t look good. Extremely relatable. 

Attached - Camila Cabello at last night's Variety 2022 Power of Women event.