The Modern Family cast reunited for a party, minus Ty Burrell. He was there in spirit - they had a photo of him that they took turns taking photos with and carrying around. 


It’s F1 weekend in Las Vegas and I expect there to be a ton of celebrities there for the parties - it’s a very short flight from LA. Who do you think will show up? My guess is Brad and his new GF will be photographed together because of the upcoming Ferrari movie. Maybe that’s why “sources” have been pushing the legitimacy of the relationship so hard, prepping us for the big reveal. But enough about Brad’s shenanigans, here are James Marsden and Aaron Paul taking in the pre-parties before the big party.


Leonardo DiCaprio never misses a party so he could definitely hop over to Vegas for F1. Maybe with his GF Vittoria Ceretti. US Weekly is reporting the two are in love, something we don’t hear often about Leo. Let’s do some Hollywood Playboy math: Warren Beatty married Annette Bening when he was 55. George Clooney married Amal at 53. Both of them are massive movie stars with a long dating roster. Both married exceptional women, had children and slowed down in their work (I would consider Beatty nearly retired). Leo is 49. Could he be the marrying kind?


One more thing about Leo: where are Jack and Jill?! If you remember, he and Camila Morrone adopted two dogs during Covid. He jumped into a lake to save them. But Camila hasn’t posted about the dogs in forever and the last pap photos I could find were in September, 2022. Do they share custody? 


I don’t cover Harry and Megan a lot because frankly, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. We have heard these stories about “stepping away” ad nauseum. They are both free to do what they want and the work, so far, has been underwhelming. To me it’s a whole lot of nothing and if they can’t extend past their royal era and be interesting and compelling people without the royal family, the cycle will continue. How many times can we hear they are moving on?


Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc have each posted their own tribute to Matthew Perry after the group statement. I think this was coordinated but not in a PR way. I think, as friends and “Friends” they know how much weight their words carry and wanted to pay tribute, but also shut down the inevitable “why did X release a statement and not Y.” They became famous together, they negotiated together, they reunited together and they are grieving together, too.