Hmmm I haven’t read the article but I’m guessing Hailey Bieber’s three tips for depuffing eyes does not include the real secret - being 25.


“You are not in the plot” – I screamed. She is Not. The. Plot!

Rick Caruso has lost the election for mayor of L.A. and the celebs who supported him are reacting – the Fosters are right up in there (including exes like Linda Thompson). Katharine McPhee Foster thinks her vote wasn’t counted.  


Reese Witherspoon knows exactly what she’s doing with this holiday engagement movie. Generic boyfriend? Check. Skeptical best friend? Check. Woman with a real but somewhat whimsical job? Check. New York City at Christmas? Check. This is a rom-com made in a lab for yearly holiday viewing. We are powerless against this kind of mind control. 


Since the wedding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been collectively low key. She of course keeps working on her multiple projects, but it doesn’t seem like they are courting or hiding from the paparazzi. Much different than the first time around, which is what they’ve both said about their individual growth and the different perspective they have on family and fame. US Weekly (I know, I know) is reporting that the Jennifers get along well and focus on the kids. This I believe is simply because JLo has been the lead parent for her own kids and Ben and Jennifer Garner have been through A LOT but seem to be solid co-parents as well. If she could get past Chrissy O, she can get past anything.