Katherine Heigl spun her wheels for years in terms of finding a project that connected with audiences. She wasn’t out of work, but the work wasn’t hitting the same way Grey’s Anatomy did, which is understandable. That’s typically a once-in-a-lifetime hit. With Firefly Lane, she’s not covering Entertainment Weekly (I don’t even know if they have a print version anymore) but it’s a respectable hit. 


This outfit on Cindy Crawford makes me think of her Pepsi commercial – iconic white tank and denim cut-offs. It looks like she’s on a private plane (which is why she’s not wearing a mask?) but the coffee cup is throwing me off. I would not peg her as a coffee drinker. Do other beverages come in those cups? 


Brooklyn Beckham is definitely working on some kind of cooking venture (either a cookbook or YouTube channel – something). Maybe a food stylist? I know a food stylist, it seems like an interesting job. But I’m not worried about Brooklyn’s career prospects. I am however interested in this giant wheel of cheese. I have wanted one for years! But two things: a giant cheese wheel is expensive and I have nowhere to store it. I don’t have a cheese room, which I assume you need to keep this hunk of deliciousness safe. 

There are so many kinds of holiday movies: cheesy, funny, romantic, action. But there are not a lot of satirical Christmas movies and there are no two better woman to make one. 


Lucy Liu was on Curb Your Enthusiasm (as herself) and she was so f-cking good. You know what else she was good on as herself? Sex and the City. Remember the Birkin? That storyline would still work today.

I don’t know one single thing about Jerry Garcia or The Grateful Dead and I will watch the sh-t out of this movie. Jonah and Marty are getting pretty tight— do you think Leo is a little jelly? I mean obviously Marty loves working with him and Leo and Jonah are friends, but like a teeny tingle of natural competition there? 


John Mayer interviewed Adele and now he’s getting married.