The second season of Big Little Lies was a creative flop but they are trying again, according to Nicole Kidman. A lot of shows suffer in the second season, especially if the first was a hit. If Reese is the driving force behind it, then I get it: this woman gets sh-t done. 


And she’s still doing Draper James?! Who knew. 


This morning Sarah wrote about Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone clowning on Anyone But You and Nathan’s Notes app apology hits as an apology/explanation that we are so familiar with – “booking front row seats” lol. What’s even funnier is that some people don’t know it’s a performance. 


Onto a “real” Notes app explanation that is six pages long, from Ashlyn Harris that is both a justification of her new relationship, an explanation about the end of her marriage and a rebuke of celebrity culture. It’s… very interesting because as many have pointed out, her divorce and new relationship only came to light with a PEOPLE Magazine exclusive and as I said at the time, this may have been a way to get ahead of the story. She said she has received threats, which is obviously psychotic and no one should get that kind of hate, period. But some gossip watchers are questioning Ashlyn’s truthfulness around this and pointing out that Sophia Bush’s crew have been liking negative posts about Ali, Ashlyn’s ex. This is extremely high drama. Six pages!

Ryan Reynolds does it again. You can’t knock the hustle. 


If you are interested in the inside baseball of Hollywood media – and I know many of you are – this brief Hollywood Reporter story on TMZ is a must read. TMZ consistently and correctly gets the scoop on celebrity deaths and this article sheds light on how that happens. If you are a celebrity, chances are TMZ will know you are dead before your closest family and friends. Kelly Rizzo spoke on the record for this piece. 


The speculation continues around Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade but I won’t get into Ring Watch, which is not reliable. How they spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve will probably hold more answers than a ring.


Brie Larson gets so much sh-t for her (slightly cheesy and hokey) Instagram captions but honestly, I think Jessica Chastain’s social media manager might need some PTO. This is too much. She’s an Oscar winner. She should not be posing with a bread bear. 

Martha Stewart’s PIE CHART is literally a chart about pies. Who is Janice? She has so many to do! Godspeed Janice. You do not want to f-ck up Martha’s pies.