Celebrity cookbooks are not really a side hustle because so many have put their name on a book of favourite and family recipes, from Elvis Presley (Fit for a King) to Morgan Freeman to Kenny Rogers to Mo’Nique.  And I can’t blame them one bit because this seems like a fun vanity project. Miranda Lambert is the latest and I like the name, “Y’all Eat Yet?” Excellent name for a cookbook and fits the country casual vibe she has going on.


Brooklyn Beckham is continuing to take L’s online as he announces his new partnership with Wesake, a ready-to-drink sake in a can. I don’t know anything about sake or how it is best served. Does Brooklyn? He has struggled with his identity, pivoting from photographer to home chef to business (which this is, an investment with a co-founder title), and alcohol is the path of least resistance in celebrity marketing right now. I trust Brooklyn’s sake expertise as much as I trust Kendall Jenner’s passion for tequila, but that’s not why these companies want partnership – it’s all about exposure. They are there for eyeballs. Kendall Jenner has access to a massive audience, especially in combination with her family. Brooklyn hasn’t found his voice or his audience yet and his parents don’t seem keen on helping with his new endeavour – neither has reposted and David hasn’t even liked Brooklyn’s post. The whole point of the family unit is that it is intertwined and moves together as the Beckhams always have. Without that, Brooklyn may have tons of money (from his own trust fund and his wife’s), but money cannot buy fans. It can buy exposure but not popularity. It simply can’t. If it could, everyone would love Elon Musk. 


After many years of watching other people take the podium, Diane Warren has her Oscar and in celebration of that, held a wedding photo shoot. I love this. 


Yellowstone is wildly popular but the actors don’t get the same hype as the Succession cast (read Sarah’s great explainer here), and this is the first cast interview I’ve seen. One thing I need to point out about Cole Hauser is that he was in Good Will Hunting! He was part of the foursome: Matt, Ben, Casey and Cole. 


Keith McNally, the restauranteur who called out James Corden, seems intent on trollinig celebrity guests. He posted this note from a staff member and in Leonardo DiCaprio’s defense, he clearly did not want anything special because he did not call ahead to let them know he was coming. Keith (rightly) advised his staff not to single Leo out. It would be mortifying to do that for someone who does not want to recognized. I’d go so far as to say it’s poor hospitality to embarrass a guest like that, which Keith recognizes. So why go on and post this on Instagram? I think it’s because the restaurant industry is dramatic and Keith McNally is definitely dramatic (see the post below about his son). It’s a flex. One thing I’m curious about, though, is that “his agent” checked him in at the door – does that mean an assistant or security? Where does that person go when the meal is happening, because Leo sat with a friend.