Jessica Simpson is being awarded the Icon Award from Footwear News. This is a fit because of the longevity and business model, not to mention the brand survived Covid and she bought her license back. 


When celebrities, no matter if they are A list or Z list, are looking at how to license their name to brands, you can bet they are looking to see what she did. 


In most “teen” dramas (in the world where teens are played by adults), there’s usually a breakout star. Gossip Girl had Blake Lively, The OC had Mischa Barton, 90210 had Luke Perry (yes, they were all popular, but Luke was a mega heartthrob from my recollection), and now Riverdale has Charles Melton. It’s also one of the the hardest things to predict because it’s one project that catapults them to the next level, and it’s not always the one you think will go. 


Speaking of teen drama, the One Tree Hill gang is at it again, with Chad Michael Murray declining to discuss his relationship with Sophia Bush and whether or not they cheated a hundred years ago. 

The Hall & Oates restraining order had me shook as I was concerned it was a stalking or physical situation, but it turns out it’s a business skirmish. I had no idea you could take out a restraining order to stop someone from selling their share of a company. Clearly these two are on the outs but the beat goes on - the official Instagram account is promoting a Christmas album. This kind of contentious partnership is common in music  - Hall & Oates now joins Liam and Noel, Simon and Garfunkel, and too many bands to mention in the “can’t be in the same room” relationship. 


The women of Destiny’s Child showed up for Beyonce and while the various splits were, I’m sure, dramatic at the time, clearly Bey has made a priority to keep contact with them all (except, apparently, Farrah Franklin). And remember, at the time Mathew Knowles was managing the group and we can assume made the final decision. I know there is always talk of a reunion and on one hand, Bey is very magnanimous and I could see her including them all in some form. If, and again it’s a big if, they reunited it would be without Mathew. What does DC through the eyes of Beyonce look like? Maybe this is how she’s showing us.


Paris Hilton’s newborn daughter, London, has arrived - now she has a son named Phoenix and daughter named London. Is the city theme on purpose? It must be, right? Her son is adorable and people are assholes about him. 


I just came back from Vegas and there’s still a ton of closures and scaffolding and stands from F1, which surprised me. Speaking to locals like taxi and Uber drivers, hotel staff and security guards, no one seemed impressed. Everyone seemed quite annoyed actually, which is totally understandable, with a lot of rerouting and traffic (both on the walkways and streets). Here’s Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham at the next F1 stop in Abu Dhabi. Do you think Jason Statham could drive an F1 car? Of course he could, straight off a helicopter onto a ship where he will then expertly knock out 57 henchmen without breaking a sweat.