Since Beyoncé held her own movie premiere, I assume she owns the rights to all of the photos, and is releasing the ones she approves and chooses. 


As I said yesterday, highlighting Destiny’s Child was a choice. Also a choice is Ms. Tina posting her former step daughter, Bianca Lawson. There’s been no photos of her ex Richard released (which isn’t to say he wasn’t there), but Ms. Tina wanted to highlight her one-time stepdaughter. Is classy a dated word? It kind of is, but Ms. Tina really is classy.


Do podcasts have seasons like TV shows? I’m not a big podcast person so I don’t know. I do know that a lot of the TNT comes to us via Travis and his brother Jason’s podcast. They are narrators of the rom-com. But at what point does that information feed need to slow down? I know, I know – don’t question good gossip. Taylor and Travis have been great gossip. We are just getting so much, all the time.


I just wrapped the first four episodes of The Crown and it’s like… ok. A lot of fan service with the ghost of Diana and Dodi. That said, I don’t know how the royal family sees this show as anything but a gift. It is extremely fair explaining The Firm’s side of things, to the point that this family that never talks about their emotions are constantly pouring their hearts out. Particularly Charles, who should be sending the writing team a muffin basket. 


You think these two ever…. damn I hope so. Anyway, kudos to the women who took a photo with Naomi Campbell, because imagine taking a photo with not just a supermodel but THEE supermodel. Hypothetically, would you rather try to parallel park in front of Lewis Hamilton or pose next to Naomi Campbell? (Maybe this isn’t a hard question for people who can actually parallel park.)


Have we emotionally recovered from the end of Succession? If so, this new Jesse Armstrong piece in the New York Times will kick all those feelings back up. 


It’s Christmas album season and has there been a holiday smash hit since Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas is You"? I mean a total radio/supermarket/elevator/ifIhearthissongonemoref-ckingtime takeover? I can’t think of one. Brandy has a new Christmas album (and movie) coming out. Sexy Christmas – an underrated genre?