Drake has been posting on his Instagram as usual and so I didn’t really get that the Vogue cover, NPR Tiny Desk and Howard Stern interview are fake and he’s spoofing an album promo tour. The execution of this is interesting because Drake is absolutely famous enough to do all of these things but he’s trolling the process. Also, his team has pretty good quality control in terms of graphics and editing. That Vogue cover looks better than some real Vogue covers.


Thanks to his work in Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has “f-ck you” money, meaning he has complete artistic and financial freedom. Team Downey (which includes his wife Susan) produced Sr., a documentary about Robert Downey Sr.’s work and the father-son relationship. It’s a personal story but more broadly, this is a specific type of nepo baby category: male director and their actor children. This includes Bruce and Gwyneth Paltrow, Ron and Bryce Howard, Judd and Maude/Iris Apatow and Clint and Scott Eastwood. Having a parent who is an actor helps but having a parent who is a director/producer is probably even better. Top tier opportunities. 


Mindy Kaling makes Oprah’s turkey burger on camera and Oprah commented that the recipe is not actually hers, but was shared with her from Chef Taryn of The Kismet Table. The ingredients list is interesting but I, like a lot of people, am distracted by the sweater (it’s a brand called Pitusa). It’s a great sweater but how can you cook with the sleeves dragging like that? Just flopping around and touching everything. 


Aaron Paul has officially changed his name to… Aaron Paul. He and his wife Lauren wanted to streamline the family name and also changed their second child’s name from Casper Emerson Paul to Ryden Caspian Paul. The names are different (obviously) but they feel like they are in the same wheelhouse. Ryden and Casper are not super popular choices but also not wildly eccentric “celebrity child” names.


A reader sent me a note on Michael Braun and Vas J Morgan’s celebrity-filled Halloween party that was also covered in Vogue. Morgan is a UK TV personality and mental health advocate who is well-connected in LA and Michael Braun is… a little more vague. Real estate, I think? Let’s just say “money.” Kristen Stewart was at the party and flip through the photos to see Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith looking very much together. (Thanks Michelle!)