Podcasts about former TV shows that are hosted by the former stars of said show are very popular and I for one will be tuning into a Friday Night Lights podcast. It will be hosted by Scott Porter and Zach Gilford (two QBs!) and Mae Whitman, who is a fan. I like that they are including Mae because she can ask the questions that the audience wants to know. 


Who do you think their first guest will be? It has to be Coach Taylor or Tami Taylor, right? I’ll be waiting for those episodes as well as Jesse Plemons.


Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash made a TikTok together and Stacey also posted a photo with Breckin Meyer, so a lot of Clueless nostalgia. For a while, Stacey was working the Fox News cycle and remember that very odd Oscar sketch with Chris Rock in 2016? She was a Trump supporter but pulled back on that in the spring of 2021, saying she has grown in compassion and empathy (while maintaining she is anti-choice and anti-feminist). Considering the US is the midst of a major election this week, her Twitter has very little political content over the last few weeks. Alicia Silverstone also has spoken about some fringe beliefs, especially around vaccines. Does the Horseshoe Theory apply here?


Katy Perry was lambasted in one corner of Twitter last night for her voting selfie (mainly, who she was voting for) but it’s kind of interesting that everyone is honing in on her and Chris Pratt. Her photo was ‘liked’ by Ryan Seacrest, Karlie Kloss, Rita Ora, Sofia Richie, Dua Lipa and Jessica Alba. Gwyneth Paltrow has probably stumped the hardest for Rick Caruso and doesn’t she live in Montecito? I guess her Goop office will still be in LA proper.


I’m glad Ben Schwartz has recovered from COVID but I lived through Game of Thrones once and will not do it again. But I could talk about House of Dragons all day. Obsessed with Emma D’Arcy, who is wildly cool.


There’s a new trailer for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and I’m into it. Edward Norton has  always had a reputation for being prickly to work with. He’s had an interesting career, kind of a movie star but with a pretty eclectic IMDb page, but he’s not PEOPLE Magazine fluff-story famous. And I don’t think he’s ever done TV, which is extremely rare these days.

Attached - former Friday Night Lights star, Kyle Chandler, out for dinner in LA last night.