Halloween is coming up – do you have your costume ready? It’s on a Wednesday this year, which means the big party night will be the Saturday, October 27th, right? (I would have to confirm this with a youth.) Kate Hudson throws a Halloween party every year, though it stands to reason that with a new baby, she might skip it this year. That means everyone will make Casamigos the priority – last year Amal made an appearance. Who would you like to see at the party this year? My vote is for Jennifer Garner, freshly and officially divorced, making the rounds dressed as Martha Stewart. Halloween is a hook-up holiday; New Year’s Eve is for kissing, Halloween is for f-cking. Who can Jennifer Garner f-ck this Halloween? I’m not trying to summon the Gossip Genie, I’m talking about a fling. Have we ever considered Jennifer and Chris Evans? Or is that too wholesome.


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Minka Kelly – what’s the deal here. She’s stunning. I appreciated Lyla Garrity (although some of you didn’t, which kind of upsets me). But I feel like she should be working more, right? She hasn’t found the right fit since FNL. She’s very tight with Mandy Moore – do you think they talk about it? The patience needed between projects? Because for a long time, Mandy was in Siberia and now look at her.


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There are a lot of model/modern rock star couples (Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Zayn and Gigi Hadid, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill) but there’s something more edgy about Bella and Abel. There’s a vibe. 


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Camping is not getting great reviews (here’s one from Variety). I watched the trailer a few weeks and thought it looked really dull and forcibly kooky. By coincidence, I came across a new cast member today. 


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Lana Del Ray and Azealia Banks were fighting on Twitter last night and I… it’s so confusing. I have no idea how it even started. Pitchfork breaks it down here, and I’m only mentioning it because “I won’t not f-ck you the f-ck up. Period.” is now a thing.

On the Run II is over. We will never see that exact same show ever again. Even Bey is feeling nostalgic. 


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