Emily Ratajkowski’s social media of choice is TikTok and in this video she shows off her green velvet couch (in context, it seems like she’s saying she’s bisexual – you have to watch the video to see what I mean). Over the last few weeks she’s been busy on TikTok, including talking about Adam Levine and Sara Foster, as well as sharing her thoughts on Blonde. But not a sniff about Brad Pitt, even though we keep getting vague stories about them dating. I’m not sold at all.


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Onto another possible coming out on TikTok: Madonna. Like Emrata, she doesn’t speak directly in the video but there is a caption. Since posting, Madonna hasn’t followed up but she was trending on Twitter over the weekend. Thirty years ago this would have caused a frenzy but it’s much more common for celebrities to talk about their sexuality now than it was when Madonna was pushing the boundaries of sex in pop music.


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Who is caught up on House of the Dragon? I’m into it, I like that it’s Game of Thrones but with a few families instead of 842 shires and houses and kingdoms. I think the storylines go a little deeper and the motivations are more complex. The two stars, Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke, went viral this weekend for the “negroni sbagliato” clip. I’m Olivia Cooke saying “’ooooh stunning” and trying to pretend I have heard of this drink. I have not. But now I really want to try one. I need to know if bartenders roll their eyes when they get an order for this, though. I don’t want the bartender to think I’m basic (even though I am).

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is out there shaking hands and kissing babies for Black Adam and I mean that quite literally as someone crowd surfed their baby to him. Um, WTF. She’s not a doll!


Jessica Simpson’s book is being turned into a half hour series for Amazon via Freevee, an ad supported streamer. They made it to pilot, which is extremely difficult, and now they have to try to get a pick-up, which is even harder. But like I’ve said before, do not underestimate Jessica Simpson. She has proven many times over that she knows what audiences like and can get sh-t done.


There have been several tour cancellations over the last couple of years – some for obvious reasons (like COVID), some for artistic reasons (Adele in Vegas), some for health reasons (Doja Cat, Rage Against the Machine) and some for a combination of personal and mental health reasons (like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes). There are also financial considerations, including rising costs from inflation (gas, hotels, travel), lack of venues (or venues that are completely booked) and the cost of cancelling just a few shows (a loss that can’t be recovered for some). As this Financial Times article points out, residencies alleviate some of these costs, which is part of the reason Las Vegas is so popular with artists. But Vegas can’t host every touring artists. Will other cities step up and take on some of that business? In ten years, will traveling be part of the concert-going experience for nearly everyone? Will there be a city that is to concerts what Orlando is to theme parks?