One thing I can tell you about Justin Bieber is that he is FROM Ontario. Drake is from Toronto but Justin Bieber is from Ontario and Canadians know exactly what I mean. 


I watched the trailer for the new Phoebe Dynevor movie on Netflix and it was pretty much this. 


If Chet Haze and Kim Zolciak (if you know, you know) is true, it will be so chaotic that it will break the Bravoverse. What if they date and get married and Kim Zolciak becomes Tom Hanks’s daughter-in-law???? As a side note, Rita Wilson would be a great “friend of” Housewife. 


Rami Malek and Emma Corrin have attended fashion week together but are not yet Instagram official. If and when it does happen, their piercing eyes will be a welcome respite from Reels. Instagram is not cool anymore but Emma still manages to make it cool and aesthetically interesting. Even their sponcon is good. 


Jerry Seinfeld teased a Seinfeld reunion but in my mind, the reunion already happened on season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The cast, the storylines – it was all there. I don’t know how that could be topped. 


We often talk about extreme couple fandoms or deniers (like Robsten or Kaylor) but one that continues to kind of baffle me is the Norman Reedus fans who have some kind of intense beef with Diane Kruger that makes no sense? I can never figure out what they are mad about, even when they email me. But on that note: please don’t email me to complain about Diane Kruger!