I’m in for Maria today and I feel like she’ll be bugged that she isn’t here because of the news that just broke… 


Jodie Turner-Smith has filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson citing the standard “irreconcilable differences”. She’ll be represented by Laura Wasser. TMZ says the date of separation was September 13, so it’s recent. As in right after her birthday, which they spent in New York, during fashion week. And now, looking back, that may have been so that they could fulfill their brand commitment, because they were at the J.Crew anniversary event together, which she posted on Instagram:

They were also seen, hand in hand, at a Lotus launch, and seemed fine. 

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson attend the unveiling of the new fully-electric Lotus Emeya on September 07, 2023 in New York City
Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson attend the unveiling of the new fully-electric Lotus Emeya on September 07, 2023 in New York City

A few days later, there was a party. Joshua was there, along with celebrities like Zoë Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, and Pom Klementieff. 

From there, though, Jodie was on the road. She was at Milan Fashion Week, she was at Paris Fashion Week, and last Friday she was in New York for the Clooney Foundation gala – which Sarah posted about and mentioned that Jodie was “once again flying solo, NOT WORRIED” and, well, her affirmation didn’t work because here we are, at the end of Jodie and Josh and I guess it was building to this. She does fly solo a lot. There has indeed been a lot of time apart. And drifting apart. 

Also… the name of their child. Everyone for the last two years has been saying she’s called “Janie” even though neither of them confirmed it and at one point Jodie was like, Janie? I don’t know her. Well it turns out the name is NOT Janie. According to TMZ it’s Juno. 

The news about Jodie and Josh broke today at around noon ET. An hour later, she’s on Instagram, on the day of her divorce announcement, posting for Gucci giving so much body and so much slay. Iconic!

But also, that video of her talking about food etc later in the carousel and the woman asking her – what’s better chicken nuggets or oxtail… SERIOUSLY?! I’m amazed Jodie didn’t make a face. 


I find this video funny…but also scary. Because while I get it that young people only care about young people sh-t, and that’s not a new thing, these are the young people who will be carrying gossip forward. And good gossip is only possible when the gossips have the background. I once worked with a producer who didn’t know that Zoë Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz. So, yes, I’m the old lady over here shaking my fist at the youths but it’s only because I worry about the state of gossip! 


From now on, we only refer to Ben Affleck as JLo’s husband. 😂 While doing the Vanity Fair lie detector test, Charli D’Amelio didn’t recognize Ben Affleck. But don’t worry, once Dixie D’Amelio mentioned Jennifer Lopez, it all clicked for the influencer. ❤️ (🎥: YT/Vanity Fair) #CharliDAmelio #DixieDAmelio #BenAffleck #DunkinDonuts #Jlo #JenniferLopez #LieDetectorTest #funny

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Kris Jenner does it again. As if it wasn’t enough that Kendall is dating the most streamed artist on the planet, but now Gucci just built a whole campaign around Kendall and Bad Bunny. 


Is it just me or does Benito look like an anxious traveller? 

The Renaissance World Tour is over…which means there will be no more mute challenges, and no more people ruining the mute challenge. Here’s a compilation of all the times someone decided to be a clown. Like how were they not scared of getting their asses beat? 

Imagine doing this around Cardi B? First of all, respect to Cardi for showing up for the Queen’s final concert. And then, watch when her lip curls when she hears that some people are breaking the mute. Those people should be grateful a shoe didn’t come hurtling their way. 


And finally, it’s BTS time. The biggest song release in my world on Friday was Jungkook’s latest, “3D” featuring Jack Harlow. It’s a banger with a mid-2000s sound. JK is doing vintage Justin Timberlake better than Justin Timberlake. 

For me though, as always where BTS is concerned, it’s the choreo. I watch the dance practice videos more than the actual videos. The “3D” choreo is SO GOOD.