Wax statues are in the news, again. We get far too much wax museum news, right? Anyway,  this time it’s Dwayne Johnson’s figure in a Paris museum. He has heard the criticism about the skin tone and reached out to them. Typical to The Rock, he’s being pretty diplomatic about it. 


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny are at it again, this time with Chris Pratt. And again, when I tell you that celebrities view Chris Pratt completely differently than the Internet, this is what I mean. He is very well liked. 


Brooklyn Beckham has responded to the online comments about his cooking videos, saying he is used to the criticism and doesn’t let it bother him. This is the only way to approach it. He is wealthy and married to someone extremely wealthy – he has his little hobby jobs and doesn’t bother anyone. Not a bad gig, really! And while he’s not exactly dynamic, he is also not a whiner so in the grand scheme of the nepo baby discourse, he’s harmless. 


Paris Hilton posted her son Phoenix and there are way too many adults who are comfortable talking about sh-t about a baby online. When it comes to online discourse the bar is on the floor and these comments are like 100 feet below that. 

Emma Roberts is a lot of us this week. And on another note, how do we feel about the shearling and leather combo coming back? I might have to cover it in As Seen on Social Media this week. 


Have you seen the photos of Deacon Phillippe and Will Ferrell’s son Magnus out on the town? The future of gossip is here. 

Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine held an event over the weekend with big-name speakers like Jennifer Garner and Mindy Kaling. It’s a tricky line to walk with the strike right now but actresses can attend and promote in producer roles. On a more shallow note, Reese’s hair looks really good right now. 


Sofia Vergara went on a very high profile date with a surgeon and piggy-backed off those headlines by promoting her jean line at Walmart. That’s a multitasking thirst trap. 


OK I had no idea Jude Law was married again and did you know he has seven children? Seven! That’s Alec Baldwin territory. That’s Nick Cannon-adjacent. That’s Elon Musk style.