I’ll admit my bias when it comes to Charlize Theron because she can do no wrong in my eyes, the quintessential hot bitch. This Tom Ford look – the balloon sweater and skirt is so good and she looks amazing. But did the stylists not account for the camera angle? In the clip, Charlize has to pull down on the skirt because of the split. Standing up, it’s a great skirt but maybe a bit restrictive for sitting on a couch.


Michael J. Fox covers PEOPLE magazine this week. Did you see the photos of him and Doc at New York Comic Con? How can you look at those photos and not get a little dust in the eyes? In his new interview, Michael talks about his life living with Parkinson’s and the challenges over the last few years that includes many painful injuries and broken bones. And he speaks specifically about the tools he uses, like walking aids, and this is cool because the conversation about progressive and chronic illness is more mainstream (thanks to people like Michael and Selma Blair and many other advocates on social media) and the more we talk about the necessary day-to-day adjustments, the more this will spur more accessibility (which is a constant and pressing issue). And if you haven’t yet, watch season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Michael plays himself and uses his Parkinson’s symptoms to troll Larry David. 


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly burned very bright and then seemed to cool but didn’t completely extinguish the flame. According to US Weekly, they are planning a wedding after facing some challenges (which seemed pretty obvious). So, are we making predications? I think these two are dramatic enough to pull off a last-minute cancellation. It would actually totally fit their energy. 


Jesse Williams is joining the cast of Only Murders in the Building and he is also rejoining Grey’s Anatomy as a guest star and director. Both solid jobs and it feels like this is a paycheque and prestige choice. A lot of what we’ve heard about Jesse has been about his custody dispute with his ex and it’s been very contentious and on-going, so these decisions – like filming in New York versus L.A. – seem to signify he is going to continue to work on both coasts. A major sticking point is how the children had to travel to see Jesse in New York but TV is a different schedule than Broadway, so hopefully this round will be easier to navigate for both parents.  


Sofia Coppola is surprisingly active on Instagram (it is her first month so there’s usually a social media honeymoon period) and currently only follows a few actresses – Kirsten Dunst (obviously!), Molly Shannon, Rashida Jones and Elle Fanning. And some quick Googling led me to this extremely effective clickbait on Screenrant (the full story is in the Vogue oral history of Marie Antoinette published almost exactly a year ago).