Over the weekend, the two splashy Halloween parties (Casamigos and Kate Hudson’s) both went down. I have seen so many costumes on Instagram (yes, including Rita Ora as Post Malone – how could I miss it, she posted it several times), but these two are my fave, and both happen to be real-life couple costumes. 


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OK I have one more: not a celebrity, but a regular person doing a perfect TV character costume. 


My mom is the only person in the world who leaves voicemails for me. Even my dentist’s office texts me. Do you think Ms. Tina leaves voicemails for Beyoncé and Solange? “Mom, I signed them four months ago.” You can almost hear the exasperation.


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There’s a new interview in The Cut with Ina Garten that goes beyond the image of warm hostess and gets to the core of her work: how she started, what she finds challenging, and how she has never asked permission to do her job. She is incredibly decisive.


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goop is rebranding menopause. This isn’t satire (but it should be). Recently in the UK, a not-for-profit society called The Good Thinking Society (which works to counter the effects of junk science) has reported goop to the country’s trade and advertising watchdogs for 113 false and misleading claims over its line of Mother Load supplements. How will they use this bad publicity to create another “cultural firestorm?”


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The opposite of bleak: two cultural icons having a moment, darling.


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Yesterday was Julia Roberts’ birthday and My Best Friend’s Wedding was on. Classic rom-com, I think we can all agree. Julia’s hair, makeup and wardrobe in that movie is so quintessentially “90’s power bitch.” The person who interests me least in the movie is Michael, but yesterday I paid attention to him. Michael is a dick. He’s a grown-ass man marrying a very wealthy college student and encouraging her to quit school so he can fulfill his dream (which had something to do with baseball), all while having an emotional affair with an unrequited love. (The one time Kimmie brings up this fact, he completely loses his sh-t on her.) The day before the wedding, this motherf-cker is slow-dancing on a boat with Julia Roberts. Don’t you have some errands to run? A tuxedo to pick up?


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