Last week I wrote about the Clooney villa reporting: Page Six said it’s for sale, the Clooneys’ rep said it’s not for sale. The townspeople are talking and so are the real estate blogs. If it does sell, word will get out and quickly because the Clooney summers are an event. Either there is a deal in the works and everyone wants to keep it on the DL or it’s a runaway rumour. (Thanks Allison!)


Lainey said I would be pissed at missing the Jodie Turner-Smith/Joshua Jackson news and she was right! OK I’m shocked at the shock because at one point, these two had unfollowed each other on Instagram and refollowed for a sponsored post. They’ve been spotted together, off and on, but I think there’s been issues there for quite some time. I also suspect that maybe the relationship had taken different forms over the last couple of years that veer from the traditional idea of marriage. Just a hunch though. As for co-parenting and divorce, I think (and hope) it will be smoother than what we’ve seen from other recently separated couples. The Daily Mail has a story about him being “heartbroken” but it’s not a hit job as sources deny infidelity and say both are great parents. 


Another child custody story that is getting headlines (but weirdly little public attention?) is Elon Musk versus Grimes. She has also tried to communicate with him via Twitter. 


Say what you want about SKIMS but the marketing team does a great job of casting celebrity models. You know what the trick is? They pick people we want to see more of, which is actually a balance of famous faces who are not overexposed. 


I’m finally catching up on Barry, which I love but needed to prepare myself to watch. And I won’t give anything away but what makes this show so brilliant are the tiny details, like how Yellowstone was the TV show playing in prison. 


Only Murders in the Building has been renewed for season four, no surprise. It’s a delightful show and just the right amount of mystery - I can’t figure out who did it this year but that’s not even the most interesting storyline. Will season four introduce a new character to be killed, like Ben, or go back to a resident of The Arconia?