A very rare sighting of Ms. Janet Jackson at Louis Vuitton. Today is also the 25th anniversary of The Velvet Rope, a complex masterpiece that is being reissued with remixes and new tracks. 


The Try Guys continue to try to publicly work through their co-worker cheating on his wife. I know there are people who are really and truly upset about Ned stepping out on his marriage but there’s also some of us watching from the sidelines that are like… this is a very intense level of investment. 

The promotion for Luckiest Girl Alive has started with this article from Chiara Aurelia, who plays a teenage Ani (Mila Kunis plays adult Ani). I loved this book but I don’t know if the movie will find an audience because it’s extremely dark. That’s not to say movies need to be feel-good or teach us a lesson or make some kind of moral statement, but I think for a large portion of the audience, the subject matter is too close to the bone. 


After a few years of rumours, it is confirmed that Frasier will be rebooted at Paramount+. Kelsey Grammer is back but there’s no word on the rest of the cast as Frasier will be living in a new city and have new friends/co-workers. People are already lamenting that it won’t be the same without Niles, Daphne and Roz (John Mahoney, who played Martin, passed in 2018, as have the two dogs who played Eddie), but there’s room for guest appearances. Rebooting is a risk but this is a TV character with legs: Grammer played Frasier for 20 years and transitioned him from a supporting character on Cheers to a hit show. Is this the first reboot of a spin-off? Who can even keep track anymore. 


There was a strange tip on DeuxMoi about Kate Hudson and Tiffany Haddish rebooting Newsies and holding auditions, but there’s absolutely zero information about this online. If they were holding auditions, wouldn’t the deal for the reboot have been announced in a trade like Deadline or THR? To hype up Tiffany’s name out right now, when the sexual abuse case was settled not even a month ago, is also strange. Is someone’s team trying to do a temperature check? And how did Kate Hudson’s name get thrown in there? 


Yesterday Lainey mentioned Carrie Bradshaw’s flight suit and we’ve already talked about that pigeon purse, but I want to go back to her one-piece. There’s an account dedicated to wardrobe and it tagged Converted Closet, a “refashion” site. Like last season, it looks like Carrie’s closet will be a mix of vintage finds and new pieces, as well as some re-wears. It’s a great wear to ensure looks are identifiable but not easily imitated. The whole point of Carrie’s style is that she’s one of one. Considering how much Carrie’s clothing is part of the character, I would watch a series on how the stylists find pieces for her.