Should we keep going with Twitter’s clowning of Leonardo DiCaprio? I led with this yesterday in this space and it continued throughout the day yesterday as a few companies jumped in on the trend. Like Ryanair: 


I don’t know if Leo has ever flown Ryanair even though it would probably be better for the environment if he travelled on commercial airlines. 

Also, the LA Times… which is not an insignificant publication especially in Los Angeles. Like I said, Leo is a punchline right now. 

And, yes, everyone is making the same joke, including professional sports teams. 

And my favourite one from yesterday – Leo bringing out the best of Twitter: 

As mentioned earlier, didn’t see Leo at the US Open last night among all the celebrities, including Anna Wintour and Tiger Woods who were both seated in the Williams’ family box: 


Can I just say though that I really love how much Alexis Ohanian loves Serena? AS HE SHOULD, obviously. He is married to the greatest, the man appreciates his good fortune and lives accordingly. As a WIFE GUY. 

They weren’t in the box, but Gigi and Bella Hadid also showed up for Serena. They’ve all been good friends for years. 

Here they are talking about what I think is Serena’s hair: 


And Zendaya was there too… just before her 26th birthday, today!

There are a lot of Zendaya birthday wishes happening on social media, from both fans, friends, and other celebrities: 

And, of course, today is also Jungkook’s birthday. That too is a big deal on social. Even Good Morning America got in on it: 


Jungkook did a livestream for his birthday as a thank you to ARMY. I think at one point there were over 9 million people watching.