Maybe the lack of red carpet events is getting to me but NYFW seems a lot more glamorous – and well-attended- than in previous years, right? 


The New York-based fashion scene showed up for Madewell – Chloe Sevigny, Katie Holmes, Zoe Lister-Jones, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and more. I’m not sure if Chloe and Katie are friendly or friends but if it is the latter, I need to know every detail!


I wished I had a screenshot of the Amy Schumer post – it’s a photo of her with her mouth open and the caption: “Me watching @sagaftra actors do press at Venice.” As far as I know, every big name there is doing press with permission of the union and waivers. Amy deleted it so maybe she changed her mind. This was one of two flubs this weekend – the second had to do with her posting a photo of Nicole Kidman at the US Open, snarking about the way she was sitting. Wrong person to snark on. We love Nicole Kidman BECAUSE she does thing like clap hard and sit really straight. Her AMC ad is iconic. She is, in internet parlance, “mother.”


The Afterparty finale aired and while I am not down with the conclusion, I love the season three setup. I will be extremely peeved if Apple TV doesn’t renew.

I recently read a piece that was so disturbing, so wrong-headed, so offensive and egregious that it stopped me in my tracks. I’m talking about the “Martin Short isn’t funny” piece in Slate, which I will NOT be linking to. First of all, how dare you. Second, if national treasure Martin Short can make Mel Brooks laugh this hard with one line (and one of the BEST one-liners ever), who is anyone to question his genius? Third, if you haven’t yet, watch the Comedians Getting Coffee episode with Jerry Seinfeld and Martin Short on Netflix. May the writer of that hit piece never find the cool side of a pillow again!


The Jimmy Fallon fallout has been minimal and I don’t expect anything to come of it. Seinfeld has weighed in on an anecdote that included him, saying the entire thing was taken out of context and an “idiotic twist of events.” If you think Seinfeld (or any other big-name comedian) will take up for the writers and crew, um, you would be extremely mistaken. Trust me, the comedians are rallying around Jimmy. And they will rally around the next person. As we’ve seen, from Louis CK to Dave Chapelle, stand up is a very specific corner of the ecosystem and the people in it are quick to defend each other. I also saw a comment that hoped Tina Fey would hold Jimmy Fallon to account and, um, that is mistaken, too. She has worked with him for years and would have absolutely seen the way he interacts with others. Also, she (and Amy Poehler) are not comedian hall monitors responsible for him or anyone else.