Jennifer Lawrence is making headlines at TIFF for talking about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, another sign that “high” and “low” aren’t a thing in pop culture anymore. While I agree with her take and would like to hear more, director Lila Neugebauer interjected and said, “Can anyone tell I’m pretending I know who these people are? Can anyone tell?” No one could tell because no one was looking at Lila while Jennifer Lawrence was excitedly talking about Housewives. On the one hand, I get where Lila is coming from because this is her movie and she doesn’t want to spend press time talking about something else. But on the other hand, Jennifer is the star and that’s partly why the press is there and this interview made headlines. Lila’s interjection sounds like someone saying, “I don’t watch TV.” OK that’s nice for you, but some of us do watch TV and want to hear what Jennifer has to say.


Drew Barrymore is a conscious uncoupling master – she speaks very highly of her ex-husband Will and his wife; she and Tom Green reunited for the first time in years on her show; and she and Justin Long recently had a gushy reunion on camera. She seems like a genuinely lovely and supportive ex-girlfriend/wife. Drew often talks about putting herself out there and dating but I don’t want to Gossip Genie her with another celebrity because she knows everyone and has stated many times she craves the stability she didn’t have in her childhood, so someone in the industry is probably of no interest. Like Sandra Bullock, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Garner, maybe the best type of partner for her would be one who doesn’t want the spotlight. 


Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson posted this twinning photo and comments are limited because many people believe their 23-year age gap is exploitive. I don’t think they necessarily care what people think, but they are aware of it. What I want to point out is that Sam tagged God’s True Cashmere, Brad Pitt’s line of expensive sweaters. Aaron and Brad seemed to really hit it off when they worked together and honestly, that friendship makes more sense to me than Brad/George Clooney, even though people convinced themselves they were best friends after Ocean’s Eleven. George has a very tight group of friends that he’s known for years (like Richard Kind and Rande Gerber) – he and Brad were never that close, but they didn’t do anything to dissuade the idea that they were BFF because it was great for the movie. Aaron and Sam are artsy and into photography and design and being cool, that is much more Brad Pitt’s lane.


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s marriage is under scrutiny right now and I’m not sure this tweet does a lot to alleviate the pressure. It’s giving bare minimum effort. And while I don’t think divorce is imminent, another concern is the frequency of the leaks. It’s been a consistent stream of specific stories and that should worry them. Because it seems like someone close wants to get the story out. Why? Right now it’s not serving anyone and the issue – his unretirement – is nuanced. Of course she deserves the support at home he promised and it’s also understandable that athletes at his level have a hard time leaving the game behind. Right now the sources don’t seem to be tipped to one side. Will that change?


Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce and posted a few photos of herself in the John Galliano-era Christian Dior newspaper-print dress. It’s very recognizable from Sex and the City as Carrie first wore it when she was working through the karma of her affair with Big. It’s a dress that has a lot to say and it looks like Emily is saying this divorce does not have her down and out. Not one bit. Oh and there’s an interesting “like” on this post: Jeremy Renner. It’s just a heart, nothing to get too gossipy …yet.