Of course Cardi B. has an amazing Real Housewives tag line. Did we forget she has already been a reality TV star? She would run any franchise she joined.


It’s an interesting time for Ariana Grande to be doing a Vogue Beauty Secrets video because, well, the whole thing with SpongeBob Side Piece. But Vogue (so far) hasn’t restricted comments and it seems to be OK – nothing snarky that I saw. Her comments are still restricted. 


How I Met Your Father has been canceled without revealing who the father is. But I think I read on Twitter (never going to call it X) that a fired writer who was peeved at the studio told his audience who it is. Do I post it here or will people get mad? Do spoilers count for canceled shows?


Drew Barrymore choosing to tape her show during the strike is a choice – and it’s a choice she fully and completely owns. I can appreciate that she is not making excuses (ie: the studio is making me do it). She has a lot of support from other big-name celebrities (check out the likes on this post) as well as her fans. But there are many people who are wildly disappointed and upset with her because she has worked in the business for so long and has spoken so much about her love of the behind-the-scenes team. Honestly this whole thing seems very, for lack of a better word, off-brand for her. 


Oprah had to look up the term “imposter syndrome” because she didn’t know what it was. And she has never fit the definition. She’s very, very good at her job and knows it. When you are a trailblazer in your field, you can’t be an imposter because who would you be pretending to be? She’s one of one. 


Scooter Braun posted about “new life” and he is of course aware of the rumours. But despite the strong reporting on it, there’s been no concrete confirmation from Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber or any of his other clients. Is there a contractual reason for this? Or, did they all make a pact to let things go quietly? Ariana seems to have a lot of personal stuff going on and Justin doesn’t seem to want to court this kind of attention. Scooter would certainly want the headlines to end. If they did all decide to let it go quietly, it’s actually a very smart and strategic move that benefits all of them.