If you are going to a garden party at a palace, this is exactly the right look. One thing that makes Sarah Jessica Parker so stylish is not necessarily the clothes – this is a perfectly serviceable green dress – but the way her clothes rise to the occasion, whether it’s COVID sweatpants or the MET Gala. 


The stars are aligning (bad joke) for SAG, with some celebrities auctioning off their time for donations. The ideas so far are great. My favourites are a pottery class with Busy Philipps, help with the Sunday Times crossword with Natasha Lyonne (I need all the help I can get) and Adam Scott as a dog walker. OK, Adam’s idea is brilliant. Hanging out with a dog is fun, it’s a useful service and there’s no awkward small talk with a stranger. Brilliant!


This is obviously a parody but can you imagine???? We’d have to pool our money. 


The Biebers are celebrating 5 years, proving a lot of people wrong. They seem genuinely happy and in a good place and you know how I know that? The conspiracy theories are getting dumber. The latest is that Justin needed her for a green card. HAHAHAHAHAH. 

When Martin met Kareem. (And yes, I’m still pissed about that Martin Short article!)


Every five years or so, there is a Housewife that transcends the genre and what’s interesting about Jenna Lyons is that she was somewhat famous (or at least very well regarded) in her industry and well-connected before the show. So after a few years of quiet (she has said that her phone stopped ringing the second she left J.Crew), she is picking up where she left off. Also, her role on the show (so far) has been the calm, cool and collected one. She is interesting as a person but not dramatic. I say she does two seasons, max, before she gets all she can out of it and exits on her own terms. 


Whoopi Goldberg committed a big faux pas and asked her co-host – live on air – if she was pregnant. This was not planned and took Alyssa Farah Griffin by surprise. Yikes times a million.