Every season it seems a new brand is “back” – a household name like J.Crew falls out of fashion and then regenerates. Like J.Crew, Ralph Lauren is having a moment. The sweatshirts are on pre-order (mine isn’t coming until October), the corduroy baseball caps are everywhere and it feels classic and crisp for fall. Here’s Jonathan Bailey making a very strong case for the Ralph Renaissance.


As the Russell Brand story gains momentum, it’s time for the lower-tier tabloid game of “let’s dig up everything every woman has ever said about him.” Today’s installment is Kristen Bell – if you see the headlines about her “warning” Brand, it’s an anecdote from 2010 from when they worked together. This is not new information! It’s not fair to tie up a co-star’s name with his or pull quotes that are over a decade old. Also, the assertion that warning him (or any other sex pest) is somehow effective, and that’s the “trick” to no one getting attacked, is gross. I would guess she was higher than him on this call sheet – that probably influenced his behaviour.


This is why celebrities pay Laura Wasser the big bucks: she was able to settle Kevin Costner’s divorce this weekend– the prenup held up, child support stayed at $63K/month (Christine was asking for $248k/month). It was a game of chicken because if Christine continued down the legal route, she would have had to pay for his legal bills if she lost. (Read Laura’s captions on these two posts – she’s good and she knows it!)


How can anyone not love a sports documentary? The sweeping music, the moment of truth when the athlete is down and out, the behind-the-scenes locker room drama. And it’s the BECKHAMS. Who is watching this with me?


Is this Jeremy Renner’s first magazine cover since his accident? I think it might be. He bought an alcohol brand, Sweet Grass Vodka, this summer and is rolling out his marketing campaign. Cigar & Spirits – that’s a magazine that knows what it likes.


So I’m not a royal follower but why would it be such a big deal for Princes Charlene and Prince Albert to split? I don’t think Monaco is at the forefront of people’s concerns and it’s not like anyone believed this marriage was puppy dogs and rainbows. What is the deal here? Even the PEOPLE stories dance around it. To quote Nene Leakes, it’s getting weird. Actually it’s BEEN weird.