Niecy Nash got everything about this look right and tight. Classic glam but so fresh. She was not nominated this year but in the past has won a Daytime Emmy and been nominated for When They See Us and Getting On. My one quibble about Never Have I Ever is that they don’t give Niecy’s character enough to do, which falls into the “Blacky Lady Therapist” trope. Read more about this, and how Uzo Aduoba avoided it in In Therapy from a writer much smarter than me (Kathleen Newman-Bremang). 


As I predicted last week, Goop is launching a hair care serum, something Gwyneth Paltrow says she needs for dry ends. It’s called GoopGlow Restore + Shine Serum which is not to be confused with Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie product, which is Glossing Detangler. Basically our hair is now supposed to shine with the help of products that sound like skin care. Shiny hair is not that easy to achieve for some of us (I have very fine hair that gets weighed down easily) and we’ve had this conversation about skincare but I’d like to have it for hair, too: what other work is being done to achieve the end results? How many hair pieces do they have in? How often are they colouring? How much time a month are they spending in the chair? What happens when they rough dry versus a professional blow out? I’d like to have that conversation. 


Speaking of skin care, JLo posted this video last week of her post-workout face routine. One thing to note is that whenever I write about JLo’s skin I get emails about the filters, the lighting, the “other” treatments and sure, fine, all of those work in her favour. But there is also no denying she has beautiful skin. For this, she notes that she wears makeup to her workout (including a touch of body makeup) as well as a cute outfit because it’s what motivates her. And that motivation is working.


Film Updates posted this photo of Taika Waititi and Rita Ora and well, their faces are our faces. Instant meme material. Lainey has been telling us from day one that there’s an equal amount of thirst here. 

Attached - Niecy Nash at an event in LA last week with her wife, Jessica Betts.