I thought Lucy Hale was turning 25. She’s 34. 


As mentioned yesterday, Jaime King and Kyle Newman settled their custody issues and then they posted a joint statement. It took a while. Hopefully it won’t take Sophie and Joe this long. 


OK I love Cameron Diaz and will watch all her movies but the recipes? Not for me. I don’t want zucchini on my nachos. I can respect the double layer of cheese though. And while she is big on organic (obviously), she does have a bunch of pre-done stuff like a rotisserie chicken and taco seasoning. I’m curious as to where this is filmed as she looks like she’s at home and the set-up is not a kitchen built for filming because she has to face away from the camera when she is at the stove. If she was on set (think of the Food Network shows), the stove is set up in a way that the cook faces the camera. 


More on Kim Jones (Lainey posted about Linda Evangelista and the front row at Fendi earlier): for a time, he was super tight with the Beckhams. They would often support him at his Dior shows (he is the menswear designer) and Victoria and David are always the first to congratulate him. Zero mention of Kim Jones this week. Seems a little odd. As for Victoria’s line, as Lainey has written, despite the hand-wringing from the UK tabloids, it sells. The looks this year are all about tailoring and the chain pouch bag. I think it has the potential to become and It Bag. The largest style retails for about $1650 Canadian which is wildly expensive but compared to Chanel, LV, Dior? It’s not a high price point for a luxury everyday bag. 


Netflix has released a teaser for Griselda, the real life “Scarface” who ran the Miami drug scene in the 80s. She was a fascinating character and this is one of many projects centered around her (Catherine Zeta-Jones played her in a Lifetime movie and JLo has a long-simmering project). I’m curious to see what Sofia Vergara does.