Because I can’t get a moment’s peace from celebrity lifestyle brands, Blake Lively has launched a beverage called Betty Buzz. (Betty is a family name, as she explained to PEOPLE.) It’s a non-alcoholic beverage, which makes sense as she has said for years that she doesn’t drink. There’s room here though to have it partner with Aviation Gin or sell it on its own as a mocktail or mixer. This is a tough market but she’s going in with a lot of marketing power. How many new brands get a video from Hugh Jackman on their first day?


Grimes and Elon Musk have “semi-separated” which is info he gave up voluntarily to the New York Post. Elon attributes it to distance and intense work, which make sense. This doesn’t seem like a very chill situation. 


When the Jonah Hill/Eddie Murphy movie was announced, I wrote it would rely on chemistry. But now Julia Louis-Dreyfus has joined and she has chemistry with everyone, because she’s a once-in-a-generation comedic actress. She would have chemistry with a brick wall. This project went from intriguing to must-watch for me. 

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are long-time friends and collaborators but I’m glad they know who the real star is here: Wyatt. Look at him pulling focus like a pro. 


Another photo drop from Beyoncé and on her website, she posted a farewell to Virgo season. As always, she speaks directly for herself so her message is clear. Also interesting to note that she is wearing Dolce & Gabbana and as Lainey has noted, celebrities are a big part of the brand’s comeback. Beyoncé and JLo don’t need D&G and I have no doubt they’ve heard the chatter about the brand’s problems, so what is the incentive here for them to wear the clothing? I think there’s a lot of personal relationships between stylists and the design teams, relationships that build up over the years in an insular industry. It seems like any opinions outside of the industry don’t hold much weight when it comes to this particular brand. 


Thank you for the tags, the DMs, the emails and the thoughts and prayers about this photo. I feel seen. (Also this trailer is giving me chills. I love a rockumentary!)