Just a couple of theatre kids doing theatre kid stuff. Jessica Chastain and Jeremy Strong have been friends for years and she was one of the first to defend him when The New Yorker article came out. As we know, Jeremy didn’t need that much defending. The work speaks for itself. And his colleagues (like Anne Hathaway, RDJ, Jessica, Michelle Williams) adore him. Remember when a source told The New Yorker that Jeremy almost single-handedly bankrupted the Yale theatre club. As if we are supposed to feel bad for Yale not having enough money? LOL.


It’s happening: The Office is being rebooted, per Puck News. It’s an interesting situation because it had a large cast and some have moved to a different level of fame (like Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kalin, BJ Novak) and some of the actors still centre The Office in their careers (through Cameo, rewatch podcasts etc.). I’m sure there are several people willing to go back but the last few seasons were… pretty dire and I’m sure everyone involved felt that shift. They can’t pick up where the last season left off. And how do you reboot an office comedy in a work from home era?


Obviously this isn’t getting much attention because of the Taylor Swift takeover but Pete Davidson already has a new girlfriend? Madelyn Cline is on Outer Banks and I don’t know much about that show but the fans are, uh, extremely passionate. 


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis had a pretty ugly split that resulted in some serious stuff (custody battles) and some gossipy stuff (salad dressing). What’s interesting is that the tit-for-tat between them cooled when a rogue nanny started talking to tabloids and demanding money. That may have been a blessing in disguise because they had to work together to lock their private life down. And now they are hugging at soccer games and have settled their custody issues, with only the Daily Mail reporting on it today.


Celebrity perfumes used to be a lucrative side hustle and while I think the market has changed, it’s still very robust. Victoria Beckham is launching a scent and going by the comments, many people were upset when Intimately Beckham was discontinued. 

Do you know who the current Queen of Perfume is? Ariana Grande. She’s hit a billion in sales with her fragrances.


When the real supermodels come out, you can feel the difference. Many people have questioned why Claudia Schiffer is not part of The Super Models even though she was definitely integral to the group, but I think she opted out of the documentary for privacy reasons. She walked the Versace show because of her relationship with Donatella and because they all have reverence for Gianna’s legacy. Her retirement is still in effect, this was a very special one-off.