Are selfie sticks just an attempt to duplicate this classic WB teen pose?

All the love for Cardi B. Maybe certain pop stars could learn something from this, because the feud tracks don’t seem to be working anymore.

Cool it, Jared Leto.

There was a rumour from a lower-tier tabloid that Adrianne Palicki and Seth MacFarlane are dealing with one another. I find him super gross, so I hope not. (And why isn’t Tyra Collette verified on Instagram? As Dina Lohan would say, “Injustice!”)

Tom Brady is expanding his TB12 brand with his new book, The TB Method. Add that to the meal plan, merchandise, snacks, fitness equipment and new yoga class and it’s pretty clear the GOAT is going goop.

Do you think Chevy Chase pulls any sh-t with George Wallace around? I’m going to guess no.

Why would she launch a skin care line on Fallon?

The walls are closing in on the Chrises.

Did you know Rooney Mara’s first name is actually, Patricia? I had no idea until I saw writer Molly Lambert’s tweet. Rooney is her given middle name.


Sister πŸ’—

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