Kristen Stewart produced and is narrating a queer ghost hunters show called Living for the Dead. What an excellent title. The only downside (for Canadians) is that it is on Hulu so we have to wait for a streamer to pick it up.


In the reality TV ecosystem, heartbreak can lead to an earnings bump. We saw it with Adriana Madix (who will be on Dancing with the Stars this season) and now Lindsay Hubbard, who was supposed to be married in November, has capitalized on what would have been her bachelorette party. I get it. It’s a critical window because Lindsay is on Summer House which films, obviously, in the summer. That means cameras won’t pick back up for 9-10 months. The season that just wrapped and includes the breakup won’t air until February and then who knows how audiences will react to her storyline. Now is the time for her to secure the bag. 


Ummmm look at these gold fringe pants on Demi Moore. Very Versace gaudy glam, I love it!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are married and co-hosting a popular daytime TV show. This NYT profile on how they perform their marriage on camera is interesting.


Speaking of performing marriages, Kelly Ripa has a theory that vow renewals are the kiss of death and after watching nearly every season of Real Housewives, I tend to agree. The re-do’s never age well. But Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have watched a lot of Real Housewives so I’m sure they discussed the possibility of the curse before hosting a blowout “anniversary party” in Italy. 


There’s two things The Rock loves: talking about being cut from the CFL and rolling up on tourist buses in his neighbourhood. I have never taken one of those tours but have a question: do they go to houses that celebrities live in now or is it like movie stars of yore? Because I imagine most stars live in gated communities. 


So I’m super into Taylor and Travis even though I don’t know who he is and don’t follow sports. It’s been exciting because of the performance of gossip (which I immensely appreciate!!!!!). I have a side storyline I’m hoping plays out here, too. Travis is teammates with Patrick Mahomes (he waved to Taylor during the game), and Patrick is married to Brittany Mahomes. She is a very polarizing figure on social media and has a ton of haters (a lot of it is sexist drivel driven by female fans – like Brittany trapped him which is ridiculous as they are married with two children). If Taylor and Travis continue and Brittany and Taylor become friends, she will fall under the Swifties’ protection. NFL fans have NOTHING on Swifties, OK?