Last week, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith kicked up a bit of a fuss when they simultaneously posted an ad and many noticed that she didn’t tag him and they did not follow each other on Instagram. Soon after stories started popping up on US Weekly and Page Six, they refollowed one another. And now, dinner at Nobu with photos. You do not go to Nobu if you want to be inconspicuous. It is a place to be seen in hi-def. They are sending a message: we are together and everything’s fine. 


Many celebrity couples have done this in the past, most memorably (for me) are Ben and Jen at The Ivy after their non-wedding the first time around and the Beckhams posing for strained, smiley photos outside of a restaurant after the Rebecca Loos story broke. Oh, and Dominic West and his sh-t eating grin while he clutched his wife Catherine outside of her castle (after he was photographed in Italy with Lily James). This is a play out of the celebrity handbook and knowing that, does this affect the authenticity of the message? Or will this public show of unity bolster the narrative that if there was trouble, it’s behind them.


Gwyneth Paltrow is 50 and marking the occasion with an essay, a CBS interview that’s not with Gayle King and some birthday suit shots. It’s definitely a big event for her, but, overall, it doesn’t feel like a big story because (and this is a good thing), women aging in the movie business is much less of an event than it used to be. JLo is 53, Julia Roberts is 54, Sandra Bullock is 58, Jennifer Aniston is 53, Jennifer Garner is 50 and Angelina Jolie is nearly there (she’s 47) and so is Reese (46) – all of these women seem to be as in demand as ever. Fifty, flirty and thriving. 


Not a sports watcher but of course I was hooked on The Last Dance. I am a Real Housewives watcher and now those two words are colliding – Larsa Pippen (Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife) is on Real Housewives of Miami and she is reportedly spending time with Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus. I love mess.


Bros looks really good and to promote it, Billy Eichner has brought back Billy on the Street with two guests, Paul Rudd and Jack Black. How often do two movie stars show up to help promote a movie they are not in? That speaks to Billy’s presence right now. He’s getting tons of industry support at the premiere and in the comments – a lot of people are rooting for him.