Gwen Stefani is on the cover of PEOPLE and what in the world is this styling. I understand if they were going for simple but this is so dated. Besides that lavender top, the cover story is exactly what you would expect – PEOPLE is big on Gwen and Blake (they must sell well) and there’s been some tiny rumblings about them but everything seems fine.


This is one of the worst captions I’ve ever read and I refuse to suffer alone.


Kaley Cuoco is a huge animal lover and advocate for adoption. Opal seems like a huge pest but obviously that’s part of her charm. Main character energy. You know she’s destroyed at least three pairs of shoes.


Is marriage “in”? Was it ever out? What does this sudden uptick in the push to marry people off mean? Is this like corporations wanting people to go back to the office? Rebecca Traister takes on this question in an interesting new story for The Cut. You know what we haven’t had in a while? A big celebrity blow out wedding. A spectacle. The last time two A-listers got married and let us in on it was Bennifer and that was over a year ago.


Now that the writers’ strike is over, it’s the actors’ turn. And when that is settled fairly, the first order of business is to get Reboot rebooted. Who can we speak to about this?


The CR Fashion Book is supposed to be this provocative trend bible but with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and model Lara Stone, it’s pretty much what you’d see in any regular magazine. Carine Roitfeld was a big time editor at Vogue Paris and was always hyped to be Anna Wintour’s replacement until she left (or was asked to leave) in 2010 to work on personal projects. These days, it’s not Vogue Paris that is leading the way at Conde Nast but Edward Enninful, who has moved on from British Vogue to a larger role at Conde Nast. If Anna Wintour played a part in Carine leaving all those years ago, things have certainly worked out in Vogue’s favour as there’s only so many editors who can be vying for the top job because Enninful is The One.