It finally looks like we are entering late-stage Kardashian-Kapitalism. Kim’s latest magazine cover (which I’m guessing she hoped would stoke outrage because of the American flag or some kind of conversation) hasn’t been the internet-breaker they were hoping for. The product lines are not aspirational, the sympathetic sister (Khloe) has gone from relatable to embarrassing, billionaires are deeply uncool, the jump to Hulu isn’t a smash (they lost a passive E! audience and constant re-reruns), and they have lost their grip on the zeitgeist. Launching a venture capital fund, in this economy? (The girl boss is dead, long live quiet quitting.) This story is not unique to them as irrelevancy (usually through overexposure) comes for every celerity eventually. It just took longer than most of us expected. 


Courteney Cox responded to Kanye West’s Instagram caption about how he didn’t write his own tweets but he wished he wrote the one about Friends not being funny. Now why Courteney would tangle with Kanye on social media I do not know but in this very specific mini skirmish, I’m with Ye. It’s not funny. Wasn’t then, isn’t now. 

Jerry Seinfeld modeled for Kith and everyone on Twitter is dogging him but I kind of like it? I don’t know, it’s giving “divorced dad at a little league game” and I’m not mad at it. 


Florence Pugh posted more photos from Venice and I want to point out her top notch strategy – she doesn’t mention Olivia Wilde or Harry Styles, but she did tag them (to not tag would be too obvious and this was probably a pros/cons scenario she worked out in the group chat). She is cool with her coworkers. She comes off professional but at the same time, isn’t shouldering the weight of the drama. She looks unbothered but not ungrateful. She’s moving like a movie star.


But also, did you see this? Look at those t-shirts: 

Meanwhile Nick Kroll is playing the go-between fixer child to the divorced parents.


The Kelis/Beyoncé/Pharrell story has died down but in the interest of drama and nosiness, I took a quick look through his Instagram and he’s never spoken on Kelis but Beyoncé’s circle – Solange, Kelly Rowland and cousin Angie follow him and often like his posts. That to me signifies that whatever went down, Pharrell and Bey are cool.