Willa Ford, a real who’s who (no seriously, who????) has been making headlines for talking about 9/11 tanking her career. This time last year, a few of us here were talking about her maternity shoot that featured a headdress. I dug up the old emails and to quote Sarah, “she looks like she bought that sh-t at Party City.”


Serena Williams joined the SurveyMonkey board this summer – she was recommended by Sheryl Sandberg. (Sheryl’s late husband was CEO of the company.)



The Catherine Zeta-Jones’s lifestyle brand is coming. Do we need this? Do we even need to talk about this?



Stay tuned... ❤️ #LinkInBio

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Christine O. once belonged to Aristotle Onassis, and now it is used for private parties. Christine O. of course made me think of Chrissy O. – I miss her guys. Has any tabloid figured burned so bright and disappeared so quickly? She needs to come out of retirement.



#ChristinaO still the finest vessel on the French riviera

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The Emoji Movie is at 3% on Rotten Tomatoes.



I look forward to Taylor Swift’s re-emergence (it has to happen eventually) but you know what will come with it? Her brother, Austin. So get ready.



I had such a great time joining the cast of Still the King and shooting at the bluebird cafe. Episode airs tonight at 10 on CMT

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Speaking of celebrity siblings, every few years, a family slides into a pop culture niche. Not quite household names, but adored by other celebrities. The Ronsons. The Antonoffs. The Kirkes. I find these dynamics fascinating.



That’s gonna be a no from me dawg.



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