As Lainey mentioned this morning, Rachel McAdams didn’t attend the Game Night premiere. But Street was there to support Coach and Landry. 


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The town of Pawnee and Leslie Knope would like to be excluded from this narrative.

Rihanna turned 30 and had a party – as Kathleen pointed out, Paris Hilton was there. Huh? How? Why? My theory is that there’s a resurgence happening. It’s an ideal time for Paris to reactivate her particular strain of celebrity – the current news cycle has left us overwhelmed and vulnerable to infection.


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Jaden channeling the innermost thoughts of people who ride public transit. (Why is your backpack taking up a seat? Why are you clipping your fingernails? Why are you listening to Ed Sheeran without headphones?)

Tracy Anderson will never miss an opportunity to firmly ensconce her head up a celebrity’s ass, but this is interesting to me because Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham (two of Tracy’s favourites) are working on a series called Camping, which she mentions here. But when it actually airs, how will Tracy promote it (because she always posts about her clients’ projects) without mentioning the star, Jennifer Garner? She’d kind of have to, and that would put her in a sticky situation because Jennifer is a devotee of Body by Simone, run by Simone De La Rue (a former Tracy Anderson Method instructor). There was drama between Tracy and some of her former trainers. There might be still.

Read the caption – Naomi Campbell did the Swarovski Christmas campaign with Karlie Kloss, along with Jourdan Dunn, Ruby Rose and Fei Fei Sun. After all these years, how is Naomi not getting the top rate just for showing up?


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This morning I tried to use social media clues to find out if Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin are still dating. I’m over the age of 25, so I have no goddamn clue what I’m doing and couldn’t find anything concrete, but I do like the nickname Shailey.


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When I saw Sophie Turner singing along to “22” on her Instagram story, I thought it was just a general celebration. But she’s literally 22.


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Sophie Turner Instagram

Liam Gallagher was interviewed by some small children. He can control his swearing (when he wants to) -- I didn’t catch a single ‘f-ck’. He also manages to work his brother into the conversation; in between talking about sweets and naps, he takes a moment to insult Noel’s stature. (Watch the video here.)

Attached: Sophie Turner out in New York City on February 22, 2018.