Henry Golding, his wife Liv, and their very cute daughter Lyla are in Europe (first Italy for the family, then Paris for the parents) and I’m guessing this is what many other famous families will be doing. It is “celebrities go to Italy” summer. 


I’m not a Hallmark Christmas movie person but I’m not knocking it either – we all have our pop culture vices. Danica McKellar has moved from Hallmark to GAC Family and I’m wondering how the fans feel about it. Is this a blockbuster acquisition, like Captain Marvel moving to DC? 

Elliot Page is wearing a great pair of glasses here and I want to know where he got them. The geometric shape and the wire frame is just the right size and fit. Sometimes he tags his outfits but these glasses remain a mystery.


Robin Wright owns a fancy pajama line, works pretty steadily, and last I checked was married to a low-key French businessman. Her ex, Sean Penn, is famously crusty and said that during the pandemic it was a lot of self-medication and grumpiness, which led to the breakdown of his short marriage. She was married to him for 14 years. She’s not one to dish, but I’d be so curious to hear how she looks back on it.


Started the new season of Peaky Blinders and Anya Taylor-Joy is in it. Her acting is very… affected. Or maybe it just comes off that way in scenes with Cillian Murphy, who is very contained. 

Lea Michele is rumoured to be taking over from Beanie Feldstein in the Broadway run of Funny Girl. It’s been her dream to play that role and say what you will about her celebrity persona but Lea is a woman who knows Broadway and lives to belt out a showtune to an audience. For a production that has struggled, it could turn things around and save dozens of jobs.


As Lainey mentioned this morning, lots of celebs walked at Balenciaga including Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, who used to be close (Dua dated Anwar Hadid for a long time). Did they reunite backstage and if so, how was it? That’s a tricky social situation to navigate.