This #TBT reminded me that Team Lainey Gossip had very different reactions to Jeremy Renner bringing his daughter to the Oscars in 2017. But we can all agree that he doesn’t know how to use hashtags and consistently uses #lovewins incorrectly.


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I really like Lucy Liu so I Googled the synopsis of this film – it’s about a couple (Lucy and Thomas) having an affair. As a last hurrah, they rent a house together, but instead of saying goodbye, he tries to convince her to leave her husband and start a new life with him. The plot sounds interesting – and I’m sure there were points in the material that Thomas could relate to.


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As I say often here, I’m intrigued by celebrity birthday wishes. Like Octavia Spencer to Chris Evans – pretty straightforward, not a lot of zest there. 



As Kathleen wrote a few weeks back, weight is the thing that Kelly Clarkson will be asked about over and over in interviews. Kelly has always had a body-positive attitude, which is why I was surprised to see this article in PEOPLE – a source disclosed the exact amount of weight she lost. And on a red carpet, Kelly told EXTRA she is following the advice of The Plant Paradox, written by goop favourite, Dr. Gundry. Sarah and I have both covered Dr. Gundry’s advice and the prime position he occupies on goop and the way he approaches women’s health – you can see those pieces here and here.  


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I love how the continuation of this “feud” is predicated on the idea that Chad Michael Murray is a prize. But have I ever told you guys CMM has a stan? She sends me an email every time I mention him. She gets very upset with me.


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Holy forking shirt.