Sandra Oh received the Order of Canada in June and was part of the Canadian delegation sent to London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. She is an excellent representative for Canada and brought a sombre chicness to the ceremony. She didn’t try to draw attention to herself. It just happens naturally.


After years of cringing at Lea Michele’s wedding-focused social media, I feel like we deserve this. We’ve had a whole bunch of very image-conscious and boring 30-something celebrities and for a long time, she lived in that basic space. But one cheeky TikTok is worth a million toxic positivity posts on Instagram. (And for those who aren’t on Twitter, there’s a long-running joke that she can’t read. She is absolutely aware of the rumour and has been asked about it in interviews.) 


lol 😉🤪😌

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Haven’t watched this movie in years… but this makes so much sense. If there’s one thing Disney is going to do, it’s kill parents in the most traumatic way possible.


Does Nick Jonas turning 30 make you feel old? Or is it more “Nick Jonas is only 30?!” 


Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee continue to go through a very contentious custody disagreement and it absolutely sucks for all of them (especially the kids) that this is so public. There’s also a line for us gossips to consider – who does it benefit to write about this? As it’s on her public Instagram, is it fair play or are these personal issues that shouldn’t be discussed? Complicating it is that Jesse is famous so he already has a the advantage of the benefit of the doubt and a platform, that’s where he’s starting from. Aryn Drake-Lee taking it public is her way of leveling out the playing field and not just sitting back and being bulldozed by his money and societal position. It seems like she is posting because she wants her side of the story heard. So if we ignore the story, are we ignoring her side? Or is there no side and none of this is our business? 


Onto another divorce announcement: the Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman almost divorced, reconciled, had another baby (!!!!) and got “re-engaged” – which she posted about. They are now getting divorced. He released a warm statement on Twitter and she posted a very stark statement on Instagram, which she’s now taken down. I’m going to leave this here because I don’t think this will be the last of this story.