I mean…

I mean!

We all know what Celine Dion can do at the end of a song. She can push it so powerfully to the point that even the notes might not recognise themselves. And I wonder if Celine is approaching the end of her stay in Paris in the same way she might approach the last bars of a song, with the notes getting higher and higher, with the outfits getting more and more dramatic, more and more extra, more and more… CELINE!

Because look at this vision in white. This caped coat. This hat. And, to bring serious drama to the situation, a scarf covering her hair, tied in a bow in the back. It’s vintage. It’s theatre. It’s wayyyy too much for, really, a car ride to the concert venue. Like, the only reason she’s wearing it is to step outside the hotel to get into her Mercedes. Seriously THE ONLY REASON. And yet, she knows. She knows this is what we’ve been living for. So she obliged.

Be thankful.