Celine Dion was announced as the newest global ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. She just celebrated her 51st birthday. This is her first-ever beauty contract and she is FEELING herself, as she should be, declaring in the press release that:

"When you think I’m done, I’m just starting. I am finishing the shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I am releasing a new English album and going on tour. And, my association with L'Oréal Paris is the beginning of a new amazing journey for me."

But it wasn’t always this way, Celine hasn’t always had this confidence.  

"When I was young, I had problems with my teeth and was very, very skinny," she explained. "I was bullied at school, so I never thought one day I'd be asked [to be an ambassador for L'Oréal Paris].

Now though? Now this is the Celine attitude:

"I am now embracing myself and feel free to do what I want, where I want, when I want." 

And she wants to encourage that in others:

“I want everyone to feel that they have the right to express themselves. Whether it is through fashion and beauty, by using their voice or through something else that’s important to them...I truly admire what L'Oréal Paris stands for and I’m excited to use my voice to empower everyone to feel beautiful, confident and to learn to embrace themselves."

In other words, to live the meaning behind the words “I’m worth it”. And you know what I like about this partnership so far? They’re letting Celine be Celine – not that that was ever in doubt, but it doesn’t look right off the get like she’s adapting to them. They’re adapting to her. In the promotional images that accompanied the press release, Celine is 100% recognisably Celine which is to say, she is over the f-cking top – JUST THE WAY WE LOVE HER.

Look at this shot of her casually lounging on top of a bannister:

celine-bannister-02apr19.jpgFrom a beauty marketing perspective, this photo is doing nothing. Soft light isn’t coming in from a window to illuminate her skin and hair. What we’re seeing instead is, well, Celine in a weird pose being her completely bonkers self. GREAT. There’s more bonkers where that came from. 


What does Celine cosplaying sexiness on a pool table have to do with skin and haircare? Again, not your garden variety beauty promo shot. But rather a celebration of what makes Celine Dion so unique and if that means dropping down low in an elevator…


…because she thinks it makes for an interesting photo, awesome, we’ll take that too. That too is signature Celine. She can turn any moment into a posing event. Think back to all the times she left her hotel during Paris Fashion Week and gave photo shoots to the paparazzi. That specific Celine spirit is captured in these images and it’s so much more effective than so many other beauty ads we see where nothing comes through except for the production value. 

That’s not what’s happening here with Celine. She is 100% herself. She is 100% glorious. She is 100% worth it. 


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